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Spindle pullies hot... normal?

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Since I've been mulching leaves with my X500 & 48-inch deck, I removed the plastic covers over the two outer spindles. This allows easier removal of the leaf debris.

I noticed that even on a cool day the outer spindle pulleys are very warm to the touch after running for only around 5-mins. After a mulch session they are too hot to touch.

Is this normal?

Obviously I was never able to touch them prior to removing the plastic covers.

I could see them getting hot after 1-2 hours mowing but the fact that they were warm after only 5-mins has me puzzled.
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When I upgraded to a bigger engine. I used the same belt, which was in good shape. Mowed grass a few times with it and all was good. Then fall leaves came down pretty heavy, so I went out there to mulch it and the leaves actually pulled the engine down a bit. I was using the gator blades through those leaves and eventually the belt snapped. Do pulleys get hot?, you bet they do when you work them hard. Even the tips or cutting edge of the blades themselves were warm.

The one thing I like about mulching leaves. It shines the mower deck up underneath. I probably couldn't do much better with a sandblaster. I took a piece of 22 gauge sheet metal and formed it to fit over the chute opening. It helps keep the leaves inside longer to chop them up. Usually I see two little deposit trails under the mower deck.
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