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Spindle pullies hot... normal?

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Since I've been mulching leaves with my X500 & 48-inch deck, I removed the plastic covers over the two outer spindles. This allows easier removal of the leaf debris.

I noticed that even on a cool day the outer spindle pulleys are very warm to the touch after running for only around 5-mins. After a mulch session they are too hot to touch.

Is this normal?

Obviously I was never able to touch them prior to removing the plastic covers.

I could see them getting hot after 1-2 hours mowing but the fact that they were warm after only 5-mins has me puzzled.
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Yes - regularly.
Don't go by the book (hours) the more grass you cut (2-3 acres) mulch,PF bag you need to grease them more often.
Definitely use more grease than the manual indicates. My Wheel Horses get grease often and after use they get a blown off with my leaf blower. Helps keep debris off the deck. I'm always amazed to see tractor decks with three years of clippings on top.
I can just imagine what the bottom of the deck looks like.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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