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Speedex snow blade mounting info?

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Have Speedex 1622 Hydro, same as H-16 also. Have older blade to fit on it, yet mounts in front must be diff. Anyone have manual for this model or others that I can look at to maybe make changes to it to mount? Seems mine has wider frame that most. Also have two tractors with narrow frames, a 1641 and a 1240, but they would need me to also make the rear wider to go over their lift mount links. Might like to see what these narrow frame also had if I decide to change to one of those. I've seen some manuals on sites, but they are not real clear and don't show these models in the choices for mounting. Thinking I will be having to make my own it looks like. What you got? The mowers on these hang off sides of frame with longer mount and four link arms. I have one of those if it is similar at all to what I need. The link from frame to the main channel on blade is what I'm not knowledgeable on at moment. Any pictures of a tractor with one mounted?
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