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I was given a fully functional Speedex 1631 tractor this morning. I know nothing about it but I was given the owners manual. Here are my questions.

1. It mentions in the manual the shift pattern of the transmission is on the tranny or near it. My "shift pattern" is long gone, does someone have the shift pattern for it?

2. It has a light switch for lights that don't appear to have ever been installed on any of them from the factory. What's the point?

3. What type of tranny fluid is used and where do you fill it? I don't see a dipstick or fill hole.

4. How do you know how much engine oil to use? Do you just fill it until you can't add any more like the old push mowers of yesteryear?

5. My center hydraulic ram is stuck. It won't go down. The "down" on it is rerouted to the reservoir making it look like sheer weight pulls it down but we can't seem to get it down. Can it be pinned up? Everything is so full of grease under there we can't see anything.

6. Does anyone know if decals for it are available? I want to repaint mine but I don't want to destroy the original decals but the originals are pretty much unusable for the most part.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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