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spark troubles

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its driving me nuts, during cranking, there is no spark on my 1054, once you let off the key and it rebounds to the run position there is a decent blue spark for the next rotation of the engine. Any ideas what could be causing this? My only guess is a faulty ignition switch. Has anyone ever had a coil behave that way?
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Did you double check your wiring,it sounds like your starter is drawing power away from the coil?
Bad key switch... Try turning the switch just enough to make the starter spinn and see if you have spark. Over time the key will go to far and go past the points that give power to the coil.
If your starter is drawing way to many amps there wont be enough voltage left to power your coil....

It is most likely a bad key switch. You can also try leaving the key in the on position and sending 12 volts to the trigger post on the solenoid using a piece of wire from the + side of the battery. If it cranks over and you have spark when doing that, then it is definitely a bad key switch.

did you take the cover off and check if spark at points? i assume you have the coil and not the magneto coil under the flywheel- i would agree at this point it`s in the ing switch- if so- make sure you get the correct one if you go to napa- they will ohm it out a check function
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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