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Spark/No Spark

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I have a 7116 simplicity 16hp briggs. I replaced the spark plug wire/Magnito and the thin wire to ground on the side of block. I did this since it was chewed up by mice. It turns out, I can run the engine as long as I have the other ground wire on the same grounding screw on the block disconnected. When I touch that wire to the block it stalls. No points on this engine.

Ideas or testing methods to diognos?

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Unplug the ignition after the tractor is running and try touching that wire again, chances are thats the kill wire. And without the ignition connected it shouldn't kill your motor. Quick way to diagnose ignition switch.


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Thanxs! I will try that tonight.
Hey, no problem, let me know how it works out for you.


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ok, I just got around to this. Put in a new switch. Doesn't work. Here is exactly what I did.
  • Put in new Magneto. Differance was mine had 1 wire as oppose to the new one having 2. I just connected the together since it wasn't needed.
  • replaced new switch
  • checked all over for any grounding, not to say I maybe have missed something.
  • started engine then could not turn off no matter if I took off ground wire at engine or not.
  • changed switches while running and still had to disconnect spark plug wire
  • stood around while engine was running and then it died.
  • Now back to original issue of having to disconnect ground wire at engine to turn off or start.
  • I might add that I took plug out of ignition switch while it was running and still could not turn off. That was both old and new switches.

    I'm stumpt!!
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