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Spark Checking Tool

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Hi everyone! Hope you are all enjoying this time before the holidays. I thought since things were slow I would share a picture of a homemade tool I made for testing the spark on my mowers. This started as the head off of a Ryobi trimmer that finally gave up and wore out a crankshaft bearing. I had stripped the trimmer down to salvage the remaining good parts for my other trimmers and had thrown the head and crankshaft in the trash. I was trying to figure out a way to hold the spark plug other than by hand against the head to check for spark when my MacGyver instincts kicked in. Always the person to make something out of nothing I took the head back out of the trash and started cutting, grinding, and filing. After some careful figuring I cut a couple of slots and attached a spring clip to one side with a screw. Now all I have to do is screw in a plug, either a known good one or one I am trying to check, attach the plug wire, and clip the tool to the head. Pull the rope and check for spark and see if everything is working. Anyway, just thought I would share this with everyone. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas!! (Wish we would get some snow). Bill


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I took a different approach. I just get the ex wife to hold the plug wire while I pull the rope. If she screams, I feel better AND I know the engine has spark! :biglaugh:
:sidelaugh Thats sounds like a great tester PR! I love it!
Very clever. I usually clip a jumper wire on the ground electrode of the plug and run the other end to a cooling fin. It's not perfect, but I'm cheap. I have a couple junk Ryobis (who doesn't)...I might have to make something like this.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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