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Spark arrestor light orange-hot under load

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Is it normal for the exhaust spark arrestor to turn slightly orange under full load on a Honda GX390? Mine is doing just that. I'm afraid its running too hot and will hurt the engine if I don't fix it.

No load, its fine, but under full load (governor has the throttle almost wide open) it turns orange hot.

I can see it being normal, but I want to make sure before I run it too much.

Perhaps its just carbon getting hot and will burn off.
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Its normal, The exhaust gas temp under 80% duty cycle is well over 1500* are shooting a flame out 6-8" and all that thin sheet metal is getting hot fast.

On my race kart, the 6.5Honda would turn 10" of a 21" pipe bright cherry red under light load. My GX390 kart engine makes its pipe glow.

The time to worry is when the Muffler itself starts to glow..the casing, except in some spots, should not normally glow.
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