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Come One Come All Free to get in to show your tractor.:greendr:

The HIWASSEE VALLEY ANTIQUE TRACTOR meet the second week end of Oct .

So this year look like 9 and 10 Oct 2010.

We meet at Charleston TN city Park

Charleston is about 70 Miles south of Knoxville

Exit 33 on I 75.

From Chattanooga Tn is about 30 miles

There is a trailer park

at exit 33

The motels are about 5 to 10 miles at Exit 27 At I 75


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Believe it will be part of the National Pike Steam, Gas & Horse Association ( Summer show next year in Aug, so there should be a lot going on in addition to the Gravely Mow-In. I'd say leave the machines at home (unless you've got a potential prize-winning walkbehind somewhere) and spend a few days in PA. Or better yet, bring an empty trailer...:thThumbsU

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Ron, Richard, Craig Seabrook, 150 other Gravely addicts and I have been in the same location at one time so I guess it's safe.
Sounds like a support group!

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Admitting you have a problem is the first step..........
Fortunatly I don't have a problem, but some of us do. As a result, the Gravely 12 step program was created. Here it is.

Gavely 12 step program;

1 Join Gravely Tractor Club of America
2 Establish a relation ship with Richards, Antrams and other Gravely dealers
3 Join Gravely group at Yahoo and
4 Bookmark
5 Locate local Gravely dealers
6 Establish an eBay account
7 Run a local classified ad asking for unwanted Gravelys
8 Add an addition to your garage
9 Be nice to your wife
10 Buy a good stock of ear plugs
11 Purchase the following wrenches; 15/16” ¾” 9/16” ½” 7/16”
12 Purchase an extra pull strap and 12 volt battery charger
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