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Soon-To-Be Regent Owner

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Morning All,

I've been lurking here for several weeks and have enjoyed reading your comments and experiences with Simplicity equipment. Yesterday I gave my dealer a down payment on a new Regent 20/38 with bagger. It will be about a week until he gets it in and delivers it. Can't wait!
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:MTF_wel: :thThumbsU :wwp: :wwp: when you get it.
You made a fine choice.


Think you made a fine choice. But I may be a bit biased right now since I'm in the honey mood phase with mine.

Very Nice!!
Good move, you'll love it!
:MTF_wel2: You're going to love that tractor. What part of PA are you from?
you'll love that tractor! i hope you enjoy it for years to come and decades if you maintain it:thThumbsU congrats and remember! :wwp: :wwp: :wwp: :wwp:
Thanks all for the warm welcome and validating the purchase. I needed to get the 38" deck to get though a few gates that we have.

I've pretty much been a Wheel Horse owner for the last thirty years and have no regrets. I'll be putting our 244-5 out to pasture once the Regent gets here.

I need to learn good sources for the oil & air filters.

I'm located in South Central PA (remember three mile island?).
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Dang WH2Simp. We're neighbors!! I'm outside of Mountville, not too far from TMI. I remember it well. Had the car packed up and ready to head for the hills. May I ask what dealer you're getting your tractor from? I have a Kohler in the Prestige and use NAPA Gold oil filters on it. For the air filters, I get those at R.S. Hollinger & Sons in Mountville. Remember :wwp: of that new tractor. :trink39:
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Great choice. I am a little biased like others here, and my surrounding area is a nice shade of orange!!:congrats:
cadman 56,

Howdy Howdy! I know Mountville (just south of rt 30). I live in Camp Hill but work on the north side of Harrisburg. Getting my tractor from Four Seasons in Linglestown.
Went by Camp Hill many times. Went out and back 581 to take son to Shippensburg. Hey, if you haven't done so yet register in our state. I think this is the link.
We have to catch up with those guys from Texas!! :trink39:

What part of WI are you in? I lived in Janesville (30 mi south of Madison) from 1966-1970. Went back last summer and looked up some old friends.

Still love those Brats!
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