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Son Needs a new Tractor

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Here is a photo of both of our tractors. My four year old son told me today that he needed a bigger and faster tractor like mine, he says he is to big for his and it is way to slow for him.:thThumbsU


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He sounds like me when i was that age.:fing32: I dreamed of owning a real tractor for years. Once I turned 12 I purchased my first tractor, a John Deere L118. 4 years later and look at my signature! My tractor is bigger than my Dad's. :D If he turns out the way I did you will have your garage full within 10 years. :fing32::greendr:
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i bought a L118 when i was 12 years old also...
I guess we think alike? :thThumbsU How old are you now? I am 16, bought my L118 used for a good price.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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