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Somewhat disappointed

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So As in previous post clutch is off and I ordered oil pump gear, gasket and O-Rings. Found source of whining noise and noted it was this bearing as pointed out by the arrow. Sadly the pulley assembly cannot be serviced all for a $10 bearing I need to buy a $250 clutch! Doesn't sit well with me :tango_face_sad: On a brighter note I didn't need to do a thing with the oil pump. The original gear was just as clean and unworn as the one I removed from the package. Teeth were clean and sharp, no wear at all. I guess regular grade engine oil not as bad for it as thought. Though the PO did do very frequent oil changes so perhaps keeping the oil and filter as fresh as he did helped a lot.
So now I am kind of stuck in limbo again as I wait for a new PTO clutch assembly. Everything else on the clutch is in near perfect shape. Just that **** bearing :tango_face_plain:


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Probably cheaper to get a Warner clutch off Ebay. Takes a little bit of digging to find the right combination of shaft/pulley size and offset but they range from 80-120 for a complete new clutch
I get that, but at double the cost of a new unit
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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