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Somewhat disappointed

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So As in previous post clutch is off and I ordered oil pump gear, gasket and O-Rings. Found source of whining noise and noted it was this bearing as pointed out by the arrow. Sadly the pulley assembly cannot be serviced all for a $10 bearing I need to buy a $250 clutch! Doesn't sit well with me :tango_face_sad: On a brighter note I didn't need to do a thing with the oil pump. The original gear was just as clean and unworn as the one I removed from the package. Teeth were clean and sharp, no wear at all. I guess regular grade engine oil not as bad for it as thought. Though the PO did do very frequent oil changes so perhaps keeping the oil and filter as fresh as he did helped a lot.
So now I am kind of stuck in limbo again as I wait for a new PTO clutch assembly. Everything else on the clutch is in near perfect shape. Just that **** bearing :tango_face_plain:


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The pulley is riveted with some weird rivets. I took a die grinder to them and managed to separate the pulley and expose the bearing but no matter how hard I try I cannot get the "rivets" out of the hub portion. I have tried grinding them off flush, and pounding the living s^&t out of them and they will not loosen up or come out. I guess I will have to bite the bullet. The machine is a later model so I suspect it could be from late mid to late 90's so perhaps anywhere from 20 to 25 years old. I guess if it lasted this long if I go through all this it should last another 10 years anyway. **** at my age I don't even buy green bananas anymore <img src="" border="0" alt="" title="Big Grin" class="inlineimg" /> so I am thinking with a little regular care it should be fine for a long time to come. **** it lived it's whole life up until last summer when I bought it mowing close to 2 acres. I only have a half acre so it should be fine. I just hate parting with the coin is all.
Once I have it all done I will flush the cooling system, replace the coolant with fresh, I touched up a couple little rust spots on the deck and sharpened the blades, installed a new belt as well so all should be well there.
Probably buck rivets which are a solid rivet smashed into place with either an air hammer or press. They fill the hole completely with rivet expanding inside it.
You have to punch them out with an air hammer or drill them out if thats what they are.
Good job duder! Glad you got it apart.
Yep BUT now getting it together and to stay that way will be the challenge LOL I will update with photos as I gi and report back if it works out
If you worry about it falling apart brad your bolts by holding a hammer against the head end and hitting the nut end to swell it out.
Glad you got it going. Drives me crazy when you only need a small part to fix an expensive one and it isnt available or they make it impossible.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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