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Some times it is an easy fix

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After having brought home my latest find, a Homelite T-16S, I did my normal fluid checks and went to town, mowing, towing, and taking Jr for rides. I have no complaints with the machine, however, last nite when hopping on for a ride (tractor rides are the ONLY thing that temper my 10 month old son, when he's melting down far too long before his bedtime), I found that the machine would fire, bog, and die...then after a few tries, it would not fire at all :dunno:

So, I chose another machine for our ride, and proceeded to go through EVERYTHING on that machine, that could possibly be the cause. Fuel...heck, it's flooding. Spark, looks great from a 12V coil. Choke, throttle & governor adjustments. Fuel screws, and finally a cleaning of the carb. Nothin worked so I went to bed and slept on it.

Today, I stepped out, and duh..."take a look at the plug" was my first though. It was fouled...a new plug, and the machine fired right up. :fing32:

I think she's running, and has been run, pretty rich, and I'm guessing the winter carb cover isn't helping.

Some times it is the easy and obvious (and I usually check those last, it seems)

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Nice looking machine. Glad you got it running right.
Clean original, just how I like them.:fing32:

The best.
I like those Homelites, different but in a good way

Were those carb shields common? Not sure I've ever seen one, but then we don't get as bad a winter here
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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