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Some Older Gravely Dealership Stuff

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I figured a few of you may enjoy this. My family owned and operated a Gravely dealership for about 20 years until it closed in the late 80s. Needless to say, there's still a lot of Gravely red in my house. Some of these items were pieces dealers received to give to customers, and some of the others were just left over from the shop. (Note: this is not a classified ad; nothing is for sale or trade)

A knit stocking cap.

A knit scarf.

Belt buckles.

A neck tie still in the box (my grandfather hated wearing ties).

A windup wrist watch. The second hand is the little tractor that goes around the watch face and cuts the grass.

Bumper stickers.

Parts bags (these still come in handy).

A tin sign that used to hang in the showroom.

One of the magnetic door signs from the pickup truck.
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Very cool! Thanks for sharing the photos!
This is all great stuff! Thanks for sharing! I like the watch!:fing32:

LOVE the watch and I like those parts bags too! Neat stuff!
Pretty cool :fing32:

It's nice to see Gravely stuff in Illinois.
Where's the tie tack for the tie? ;) I have the right and bottom belt buckles. And the tie tack, somewhere. Do you have one of the Model D serving trays too? Love the watch.:trink39:

I know I have a tie tack somewhere but can't find it. I thought it was with the tie, but apparently not. Between hats and sharfs, my sister and I looked like walking Gravely billboards when we were kids.
I love the sign with the Model D. That's in INCREDIBLE condition. I'm still miffed that I missed a more conventional Gravely sign at an auction last summer. They split and started selling in two areas at the same time, and I had to run to the other area to win an important lot for my Dad - a full shop service manual for his Kubota B8200. At least I won it. If I hadn't gotten either, I'd really be steamed.
Neat things! I really like the Model D tin too. I can picture it on the (my:) )porch wall. The watch is neat too.

Was the idea behind the knit cap and scarf to give them to your wife when you brought the new tractor home, as a peace offering?

Good thing you've kept it all in good shape.

Are there more items?
That's some cool stuff. Love the watch and the sign, especially. I know you're not selling or trading any of it, but how 'bout just giving it to me :sidelaugh

Hey, it's worth a shot :dunno:
Wonderful stuff! I especially like the watch, tie, and of course, the sign.

Thanks for sharing it with us. :fing32:
My Aunt and 4 cousins live in Geneva IL. Nice place up there. Also, great looking Gravely items. Love the bumper sticker!
Too cool, thanks for sharing!
Do you have the G rider that was offered as a collectible in the mid 90's? Don i have the serving tray, and another sign from the early 70s
Do you have the G rider that was offered as a collectible in the mid 90's? Don i have the serving tray, and another sign from the early 70s
I assume you mean one of these?


Do you have the G rider that was offered as a collectible in the mid 90's?
Unfortunately, a death in the family and a bad drought in '88 killed the shop. If I recall, it closed in either late '88 or early '89.
Wow - good thing I took a few min to check out the forum tonight. I like the belt buckles. Too bad they aren't for sale, there would be some takers here for sure. Thanks for posting.
My father and I have been to the dealer in Geneva but is has been a long time. My father never liked dealing with Gravely of Chicago. Not sure why. I preferred to drive out to Valparaiso, IN. I could take the kids to the dunes after I got done and let them play.
You got it, mines in the Glass case!
You got it, mines in the Glass case!
How about this, twins?


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