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Some of my junk

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new here. Here is some of my junk.

In the process of getting a twin cyl briggs. If I ever get the time.

Looking to get rid of this ol boy.

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couple of strong looking old work horses.the raider looks like the engine could be fresh.
I see a couple of hard working tractors, but no "junk". Nice pictures.:thThumbsU
I'm sure a lot of us would like to have "junk" like those two parked in our garages!
so wher is the junk . junk i do not see.
Ill take your JUNK off your hands!
Maybe that's what his wife calls it, but all I see is hard working "tools"!!!!
You are my kind of guys. THe kohler k301 is original to the raider 12. I removed it and painted some on it and installed it on the c175. I then used the tractor for plowing the garden, pushing snow in the winter and mowing. The points went out this spring so I pulled it off the c175 and set it back on the raider 12 and there she sits. The c175 originally came with one of those rod throwin 17 horse twin kohlers, so I thought the 16 horse briggs would work fine. The motor was only used a few seasons then stored so it is pretty fresh. I mowed the yard once with the rig as you see it and then let it sit. It needs re-routed exhaust, wiring, a seat and some other crap. Maybe someday right? THe raider 12 needs a new home. Maybe some tractor puller would buy it. As you can see I have more projects going than I need.

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Nice collection. Thanks for sharing.
That is a a nice collection for sure. Looks like a couple of nice cub's as well.
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