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Some Bungartz pics

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I had a request for some pics of my Bungartz T5 in another thread. It's a 1960 with a 13 HP Hatz deisel. It's just a beast. Actually makes a Gravely look frail.......and yes I have thought about what I just said. These are pics after acquiring it. I am fixing/restoring it now. Anyway, enjoy.

It had been sitting for a number of years at the PO's. I had it running in a half hour. It cost me $100.00, as was asked.
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The steering mechanics are pretty amazing. The front wheels will turn near to 90 degrees.
Yup. It was funny, when I had the front end on stands to change the bearings, I just sat there turning the steering wheel back and forth. Just kinda marveling at it. It's just cool.
Please excuse my ignorance but is that a european brand tractor ...? Mike
Yes, it is Mike. German made. Probably made by a bunch of guys that made Panzers during the war. Kidding on the latter.

Very cool tractor indeed !!!

I am sure it isn't for sale so, would you mind sharing the price you paid to own that. I am just curious so if you don't want to say, that's fine.

Can't wait to see it all dolled up !!!
I paid $100.00 for it. It had been sitting outside for a while. The PO wanted it gone. That was the asking price and I didn't ask any questions! Had it running shortly after. Motor runs well.
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wow! i want one sooo bad now! any chance you could make a video of that diesel putting away? the front end body style and stance kinda reminds me of a wheel horse rj
When she's back together, I'd love to make a video. I've seen a few pics of Porsche tractors that kind of reminded me of the lines it has.
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Thanks for the compliments. If anyone would like to check out a lot more background on Bungartz two and four wheel tractors, this is an excellent site. Lots of info and pics. Shows the machines in action, which is cool.

This is my same tractor, 1960 T5, restored with a rear loader.

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