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Solenoid issue

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My son and I are rebuilding a rx95 John Deere rear engine lawn mower and the solenoid needed to be replaced. We removed the solenoid but I can't get the new solenoid plunger to hook into the starter hook. There are two bolt that flank the plunger and that keeps me from being able to twist the solenoid into place. Any ideas how to get it to hook in?
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Does the new one look exactly like the one you removed?.....Any pictures?
This is the old one and the new one is exactly the same.
Jumper 12V directly to the small spade terminal.
That will tell you if the solenoid, starter & battery are good.

You didn't short a wire and blow a fuse did you?
Need to see what hooks onto the solenoid.
Likely it is a puzzle trick where you manipulate things in a particular way and then rotate into position for assembly. Generally, the designers don't make things so hard to assemble as there have to be tools, machines or people involved getting the bits to fit. It would be a bad design that required two men and a small boy to work things together for assembly.
Post a pic and thoughts will flow.
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You should be able to pry the pinion gear up to the limits of it's travel and then slide the solenoid into position.
Ignore post#5. I was thinking of a different thread.
I must have woke up from my nap?
This may be no help but here's a picture of the Kawasaki starter I took apart last year. Is yours like this one?


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put the starter gear side down. it should fall down on its own
now put it together

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