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soil ripper ideas?

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I have a Wheel Horse 414-8, and am looking for ideas for a soil ripper attachment for it. I have some soil that has shells and rocks in it, and need to rip it out.
Interested in any home made ripper ideas. Tractor doesn't have hydraulics.
I have a small (15' x 20') area to do.
The problem I see, is how to apply downforce. It's such a small area, I wondered if it would be practical to make something that used a bottle jack to apply downforce. Would require getting off and resetting for each pass, but it is a small job. I have a jack.I also have a Porta a Power.
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I think what your refering to would be a sub-soiler of some type.I've thought about building one myself (haven't yet) but I would think it would work better with one maybe two feet,maybe no wider than 2in.each.That way you could lift it without busting a gut or pulling your back out.If the teeth were angled toward the tractor it would pull itself downward.Much like a culivator.I think.
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