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soil ripper ideas?

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I have a Wheel Horse 414-8, and am looking for ideas for a soil ripper attachment for it. I have some soil that has shells and rocks in it, and need to rip it out.
Interested in any home made ripper ideas. Tractor doesn't have hydraulics.
I have a small (15' x 20') area to do.
The problem I see, is how to apply downforce. It's such a small area, I wondered if it would be practical to make something that used a bottle jack to apply downforce. Would require getting off and resetting for each pass, but it is a small job. I have a jack.I also have a Porta a Power.
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You need to use "live weight" on whatever you pull. Live weight is also known as a neighbor, one of your kids, a trained animal or your wife (they may be the same...ha,ha).

Just stick some kind of seat on top of the plow thing you're pulling and have them hop off when you get to the end of a row. Let the passenger pick up the plow enough to turn around, then have the "weight" get back on for the next pass. They'll have fun and you'll be the talk of the neighborhood.
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