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So my battery exploded..

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About a month ago I winterized my 5th wheel camper, then backed it into the unheated portion of my barn.. just like I’ve done the past 7 years. Today I noticed what looked like water on the floor under the front compartment… weird spot for something to drip from, but my first thought it was from the wash I did right before I tucked it in.. then looking closer I saw signs it wasn’t water, but acid. WTH?!? So I opened the compartment and the battery box and saw this..

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Only a few years old, was working fine when parked as I ran the front legs with the unit unplugged when I unhooked from the truck. I did plug the unit in after as I have a 50a outlet for it.
Never seen one blow apart like this before. Turned the battery disconnect and started looking for gloves and a way to deal with the acid. Luckily I found where my wife hid the baking soda and covered the spill completely before cleaning up the mess.
Not sure what could have caused this, anyone have a clue and is there anything I should check in the Unit?
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could it have froze? not sure where located but i have had weak batteries freeze and crack
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