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So I've been welding...

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As some of you may know, I've been trying to teach myself how to weld competently. I had gotten to the stage where I could stick two pieces of metal together & actually have them stay with a good deal of stress on them, but dang, the welds were ugly! I could make things presentable with the grinder, but I also knew the "pretty" welds were stronger because they were done correctly. So anyway, last weekend I got a visit from a family friend who is a welder by profession & he spent a little time showing me how to do things the right way. Wow, what a difference a little instruction makes! Below are some of the things I made for the gt-2055. There's a drawbar/implement mount, a carryall with removable tailgate, and a weight box. The weight box was the toughest to make because I'd never welded the thinner stuff before. But my friend brought his nice Lincoln mig along with him, and it was a joy to work with. Hope you enjoy the pics...

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if your welder isn't feeding consistently you may have the wrong size wire, rollers, you may need to tighten the rollers, or you may need to check the contact tip for splatter interference.
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