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So glad I took and saved a lot of pics

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Now I can finally do something toward getting mine back together. Im the kind of person that has to have some kind of visual about something that Ive never done or am not used to doing. And if others are not like that then I am happy for you.
Anyhow I searched and searched the new or you tube till I had given up on finding something about reassembling the valves and springs, gaskets, metal round keepers w/slots and such so I resorted to all the pics I had taken and put on this laptop so now I can get going with any luck.
I get angry at myself for not fixing this thing and loose my temper.
I have been throwing things around for two days now because I cant find one of the new handle bar grips I bought, how can you loose just one of them?
I thought "if I cant do anything else w/it at the moment I can at least put the new grips on the h-bars and I have yet to find the one w/o the kill switch hole in it. Such things can wreck my entire day.

But Im glad I found

This is how it was when I took it all off so its how I have to put it back together, the manuals wich I love BTW happens to show it from the two stacks with the doors on them for adjusting the valves. When I pulled the jug off of course it all came off attached to jug as shown so thats the only way I can put it back, put it all together and put jug from the LI parts machine on as the L jug came off.
P.S. This is the old L jug that had all the broke fins on it and these valves/springs and such ( w/new round gaskets) will go on the LI jug then put on my L .


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One can never take too many pictures! Back after I purchased my first pair of machines and got them running, I did a fair amount of disassembly to both machines in order to prep them for paint. More than once I found myself 'zooming in' on the 'before' pictures to see 'what' went 'where'.

I am thrilled that you are seriously getting back to reassembling your Gravely. There is a fine line between looking at this as a complex and daunting endeavor and then sudden realizing that there is little left to do in regards to finding the home for all those pieces!!! Patience and persistence will work very well for you - I, among many other here, are on your team.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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