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Snowcaster!? More like Snow"Dominator"!!!

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With the talk of a blizzard for today (wed, 29th) i just stayed home from work. okay i was told i was staying home from my wife. she didn't want to be left with the shoveling. glad it was me who was stuck with that chore. Finally got a chance to run the snowcaster/446 and it was awesome. especially for being 33-34 degrees and wet heavy snow. Had to take out the plugs and pour a little gas in each cylinder and jump/charge the battery. After alittle coaxing and some sweet talk she fire up! she hadn't been started since late nov. I hate not having any snow! after spining out on the slope of the drive and not having the height adjusters set just rite. still set higher from the PO (wifes uncle) had a gravel drive. helping it up in reverse (getting off and grabbing fender and slowly working it back up to dry concrete. the two 96lb ww's and me (205) still had a bit of trouble. but all's well. until i ran out of gas and had to run down the the station for more.

sorry no action shots, couldn't talk my better half into coming out. she was getting ready for work anyway.

sorry about the format of this post. getting tired, past my bedtime.

(forgot to mention the curled drift at the end of the driveway was 3.5 - 4 ft tall and hard. had to make multiple slices at it.

sorry boys won't have any pics til tommorow. can't remember how and i'm going to bed. i like looking at pics just as much as the next guy just not posting them. have to have the wife help me tommorow.

It's like they say "Alway's leave 'em wanting more"
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well here ya go boy's the nice broadside shot is of when the onan sucked all the gas out of the tank and i had to leave her on the the side of the street to run and get gas.:banghead3 i also had to jump the battery to start her up again! but no worries. HAD WAY TO MUCH FUN!!!:thThumbsU

well for whatever reason we can't figure out how to have these pic's show up. just cell phone pics. but clicking on them should be able to bring them up. it worked for me. let me know.


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Thanks JayVee i did. Pretty sure all the neighbors were jealous. well at least the ones who were shoveling. remember those days. saw acouple of them drive by and have a huge smile on there face.

I was allitle worried right before i went out. I looked out the window and saw my neighbor doing a superman impression behind his brand new walk behind. he was having trouble cutting through the the drift from the city plow. made one pass out and then on the return trip towards the house he plugged it rite up. wasn't looking forard to it. but the 446 sure showed me. i'll take that any day.

I'm so glad i was able to talk the wife into letting me get it. best beggin and pleading I've done and would all over again if i had to.
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