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Snowblower...will it fit? (PICS)

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Hello again everyone...

I finally have a lead on a snowblower for my Allis-Chalmers 920. I was hoping some of you with better trained eyes then mine might be able to tell from the pictures, whether or not this blower and hitch will work with my machine? Thanks in advance for any replies!


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My guess, yes blower will work fine. Just need the subframe and lift (which usually comes with subframe) and a belt.
I'm pretty sure that will work. It's complete....there's nothing missing that I can see. A 900 series does not use a subframe like later Landlords and such. That hitch mounts right up to your Allis, and you'll need the 147" belt (1666798) that runs off your mid PTO.

I believe you need blower #1690548 and hitch #1690557, which resembles what you have. Blower might be a bit different, but the hitch is the important part.

Check out this...
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that hitch is for 700 or 7000 series not 900 or 7100 unless you have a front pto, you can mount it just not run it. blower itself will fit perfect
I apologize...I'm not seeing the second pulley on the hitch. Kevin's right...if there's two pulleys, you need the front PTO on your machine.

Kevin...can't you convert the two pulley version to a single pulley and run off the mid PTO? Just thinkin out loud...
you can make that work there are a bunch of threads here about that you have most of what you need.
yes sir you can and ive done it.
a few cuts and a few welds can turn that into a single pulley hitch.
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