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Snowblower question

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Hi,I recently purchased a 520-HC wheelhorse (pics to follow) with a 60" mower deck. I think the tractor is a 1988. Well tomorrow I am going to go look at another520-H that has engine problems,but has a 48" mower deck, which I want. Well this dude has a snowblower from another 520 tractor. My question is this, will the newer blower ,which is a 1990's model fit ok on my rig with few or no problems? I'm thinking that it will. By the way this is a great forum!!! looking forward to cominghere often. Thanks in advance for all your folks input.Well pics will be a little later.
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Yes , this is the 1st pic post and I used the tiny pic that I found in here. i will practise tho...LOL
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