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Snowblower on PK

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I can buy a John Deere snowblower single stage 46 inch wide that was made for a 318 John Deere, it comes with hyd hook ups for lift etc...I have the pto clutch with the switch in cab but I am wondering if I need to have dual transmissions to run it as far as speed of tractor goes? Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated as I need to decide shortly today whether to buy the blower for $150-200 bucks....also is this price for blower reasonable?
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tks Jeff and Dave....I found out it is a two stage and will just get it now for resale or trading material. Again thanks for the info.

I agree with Jeff. Snow blowing is a slow chore and you probably don't want to ride the clutch all the time either.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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