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Snowblower is not setting on the ground

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Snowblower is not setting on the ground.

What would you do to fix the problem? Get a piece of steel and bolt the piece of steel on the bottom of the snow blower so the blower hits flush on the ground. Or is there a way to set the snowblower so it sets on the ground?
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I should mention that my snowblower does not have the adjustable feet on the sides of the snowblower.
It's for a sears suburban and the model starts with 917.

It's the older style snowblower.
The blower doesn't have a bar on the bottom to adjust to the ground level. From the setting I have on it right now it looks like I am on the lowest setting. I can get it to hit the ground by taking air out of the front tire but then the tractor is very hard steer. I think my only option is to attach a bar on the bottom of the blower.
1 - 5 of 7 Posts
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