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Snowblower for a 917.270810 tractor

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Hello all, I already have a snowblower for the tractor, model 842-240722, but it is a single stage with a drum instead of open augers and it has issues with the heavier snow. I am wondering what aftermarket snow blowers that are 2 stage would be able to be used on the tractor. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any information.

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I can find your 842.240722 snow blower model at Sears parts direct. But I can not seem to find that model snow blower listed on the fitment guides I have here.
What model number is the tractor you have?

Have you already tried adding the belting extension to your paddle on the auger? It will really improve how it throws the snow.
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My bad. Did not see the model in the title til I came back. Duh, slap the forehead!

I'll go look again at the fit up charts.
You might find them as attachments in a post if you search MTF for fitmet or fitmit or fit up charts

Search MTF for paddle mod. Or impeller mod Should show up.
Basically you cut out a piece of a tractor belt to bolt on to your single paddle on the auger.
This is the large thick belting that ran on the large PTO pulley off the side of the larger tractors.
Or can cut one out from the side wall of a car or truck tire. Several cuts with a sheet rock knife will do it. But be careful.
Trim it to fit the opening. Drill 2 holes in paddle and bolt it on. Fills the gaps and throws more snow out. Fleet Farm carries it and sells by the foot. If there is one near you. I picked up a 2 foot section of 4" wide yesterday. $2.99 per foot.
I'll try to answer better later tonight. Working on the gas dryer right now. And wife is starting to pace.
I'm back. Dryer fixed. Control board had a bad / burnt solder joint. And bad traces. Had to run light wire to bypass traces, and solder them in place. She was able to finish laundry today. Happy wife, happy life.

917.270810 Shows snow blower model 24837. And it is a 2 stage. And only that model listed. Not your existing model.
Has no prefix in guide.

Looked it up at Sears, Shows as a 12", should be 42".

Still available new at $1500.00. Look for a used one on Craig's List. Be sure you get all mounting hardware and control hardware if you find one. Also see if you can get one with the tire chains and wheel weights. Often sold that way.

Search MTF for 24837 A few posts show up with that model. Also 486.24837

With Craftsman the model 486.24837x.
x means can be 0, 1, 2, 3 or other single digit.

On the fit up chart I attached, scroll down to page 27. Find tractor 270810 on left side.


I know where you are coming from. I have an open 80 acre field on the West side of the driveway. After a snow the wind always picks up. Usually out of the NW. Drifts can be pretty big. I have had to bring in a big frontend loader a couple times over the years. Push the snow back 50 - 60 feet into the field. Driveway is 1100 feet. 900 open to the field. Just glad I have a wind break of trees growing on the north and west sides of the yard.

Sorry if I gave you the wrong idea. Belting does not go on the vanes, but on the paddles.
I think there are 2 paddles on your blower. Paddles are where the vanes meet in the center. The flat spot. Vanes push snow to the paddles, and the paddles throw the snow out the chute.
Not like the little walk behind single stage throwers that have rubber belting on the vanes and the flappers.

Attaching part of the drawing of your blower from Sears. I colored one paddle red.

The rubber belting bolts to the paddle. By cutting a piece of belting to make the paddle fit the blower housing tighter, it fills the gaps between the paddle and the housing and makes the snow go out more efficiently.

Reminded today it is also called the flapper mod.

I should also point out the 4" belting I bought the other day was not for or from the belt that runs off the side PTO on a large tractor. It is 4" replacement belting for one of the large hay balers. Called baler belt. Each of those balers has about 8 belts that wrap up the hay. See image.

Found a thread with some pictures dealing with a single stage thrower and the flapper mod. Has a couple pictures in it.

I am sure there are more. I know several people on MTF have done the mod and posted pictures. But I am not finding many except those where they used photobucket. And those are not viewable any more.

Thread here. Flapper on a JD

Here is another thread on a single stage Craftsman adding the flapper mod.

Note how they fit the belting up tight to the metal of the housing to fill the gap. Also note how they bolt metal over the rubber to hold it in place. Then drill through the paddle and bolt in place.
Your gap may only be 3/8" or so, but filling it will make a lot of difference.
Those that have done this really like the results. Especially on wet heavy snow.

When I was talking about buying a used one complete, I was thinking keep the best of what you have then put the other stuff, and your old blower up for sale to recoup some of the money you spent. Auto part Line art
Automotive exterior Vehicle Bumper Car
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It is always something.
Good luck with the replacement.
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