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snowblower extentions?

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I found a really good deal on a 60" snowblower but need it to be 70" wide has anyone ever built extentions? I was thinking just extending it by having a piece of metal bent to the right angle to get the width i want that way it will pull the snow into the auger. Just so the cutting width is wider don't really need the auger any wider. I have all the tools for fabbing this up just wondering what you guys thought or have experienced.
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On a smaller scale, the Case/Ingersoll snowcasters have 'wings' that turn the 38" blower into a 42", I think. Simple thin metal bent to a 45 degree angle, then bent straight again. I'll look for the picture.

Here it is, the concept should work if you use heavier stock.


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Ok thanks for the ideas and pictures more info would be great if anybody else has any. My idea was basically exactlly like the one posted above.
one thing to think about is that since you are adding 10" of width, you will want to maybe change your driving approach. like a lower gear or higher throttle, just a thought
Yeah i will have to experment with that also. I don't know if it will be to big of a deal it is a 50hp tractor also. But i might have to lower the gear or raise the throttle.
Here are mine, same idea as the Snowcaster. I do have to slow down a bit in deep snow.

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Thats one of the finest snow casters I've ever seen :sidelaugh:sidelaugh slkpk
Thats one of the finest snow casters I've ever seen :sidelaugh:sidelaugh slkpk
Almost 'Biblical' in its awesomeness. :praying:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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