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Snowblower Attachment HELP!!!

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I have a 1995 Yard Machines 690 16HP series tractor, specifically a M/N 135O695G000 making it a 1995. I picked up a 190-491-000 36" snowblower attachment in great shape. I know by looking at the manual for my tractor that this is the right snowblower for my tractor. I got the channel assembly attached with the drive belt around the PTO. The belt seems too tight. I mean it seems right for if the deck was lowered(for when the snowblower would be engaged), but went I raise the lever that should lift the snowblower and disengage the belt) the belt doesn't loosen up enough to allow the belt to stop grabbing on the pulley's. I haven't attached the snowblower part yet only the channel assembly. At this point I know as soon as I started the tractor the pulleys in the channel assembly would be turning. I tried adjusting the ferrule which should allow adjustment for this issue, but that too doesn't do enough. My only other guess is that when I do attach the snowblower to the channel assembly that if will effect this. But that to me doesn't make sense. I would think you should be able to detach the snowblower but leave the channel assembly there and the PTO not turn the pulleys on the channel assembly. I tried looking at different year snowblowers to see if there were different size belts but they all seem to be the same. Looking for somebody to help that may have this same setup or has seen this before.
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I was hoping to see somebody chime in here....
Well thought I would give an update. I've figured it out. Had some issues for awhile, but she is mounted and engaging/disengaging as she should. At first the belt was too tight, but when I first installed it I remembered that the PTO pulley was not evenly spaced. So at that time I stuck a big flathead in the groove and did my best to pull out the squished portions. I got the belt to ride evenly so I figured I was good to go. I really took my time to get it as straight as possible. Well after getting it installed, I noticed the belt was tight which is why I posted in the first place. I noticed the belt was riding much lower in all the other pulleys except the PTO. So again I started with the flathead and pulled on it until it looked similar to the others. Well that did it and fix my disengagement issues. It looked as if something on the cutting deck was hitting the PTO when the deck was lifted which bent it. I never really ran the deck on it except when I first got it a few years ago. That would explain why the blade would keep running after I disengaged it. Really slow, but figured it was just out of adjustment. I remember the deck used to kind of shake, but I found one of the bearings in one of the blades was bad so figured that was causing the shaking.

Anyway, if anybody else needs help with this particular setup, I pretty much got it down. I have a pretty good understanding of how it all works. I was amazed at how much difference that straightening out the PTO did to making this work right. Now we just need snow. Jan. 10 and no snow, what is going on.
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