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YAY!!!! I might even be able to get the Massey out and strech out her legs a bit and plow a little. Only callin for around 2-3".
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Those low pressure systems moving across the CONUS northern tier will result in blowable/plowable snow for many :D. I am looking at two systems pending for the NE- the first looks pretty "dry" (1-3"); the second could develop off the coast (+4"); and late next week some weather models are looking at another possible coastal storm (caveat: the weather models the past few years have become increasingly unreliable).
I think that many will be able to "play" with snow with this system. This is the first snow map that I like: Pink= snow/ice; Light Blue= 1-3"; and Dark Blue= 3-6"


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1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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