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YAY!!!! I might even be able to get the Massey out and strech out her legs a bit and plow a little. Only callin for around 2-3".
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I had spots in the drive that drifted up to a few inches. No weights on the Massey's rear and she did pretty good. The wind was pretty bitter on the face. I did have a few areas that I could have blown as well but the other project is burried in the garage with fabrication needing done to it.
Still tryin to get the pics workin on my end fellas, sorry.
Brown, I have a Massey 14.
Last weather I looked at could be 1-6" now. We are on the line of a little or oh crap!

Brown, here are a couple of pics of my Massey 14 when i finished the plow and bedlined the hood and grill last fall. Gonna see how well the bedliner holds up before I paint Massey or CAT colors on her.


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I have dinged it in a couple spots but this bedliner is the cheap spray can stuff. I may try some other types down the road when money allows.
FLURRIES and that has been all we got so far :( No seat time for me.
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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