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Snow Removal

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I have a lake cabin in Minnesota that I am trying to figure out snow removal for. The drive way is long, about 350ft and is gravel. Over the 350 ft, it rises about 20 ft, so there is a bit of a grade there. It is also a narrow driveway, so a blade is not an option, I need a snow blower. I talked to my local John Deere dealer and have narrowed my choices down to two, the X739 with four wheel drive and the X584 with four wheel steering. The X739 is about $8500 more expensive but I get four wheel drive. Do you think it is worth it? Any advise is welcome!
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The obvious solution is to have both. Then you can use whichever one best fits the job.
Actually I've owned a x738 for over 5 years and a year ago stepped up to a 1025r. They BOTH have their place. Loved my x738 for lawn/yard work and clearing snow, awesome tractor for what it was capable of and was sorry to see it go. The 1025r isn't as nimble, maneuverable and a bit more tippy BUT it has a FEL, mower, backhoe and snow plow and runs circles around the x738 because of the capabilities and strength. It does for me what the x738 couldn't. With the 1025r it also takes little to no effort and mere minutes to switch from one work configuration to the next. Was the X738 better at what it could do, to a degree yes but not substantially. While I agree some 1025r owners like to push them both tractors have their place. Size wise, not much difference, capabilities are distinctive. I always recommend people think hard about the current and future needs then decide what fits those voids best. In this case I recommended a x738.

In case you never looked at a 1025r and x738 sitting side by side... don't know why people think the 1025r is a huge difference in size it really isn't. Bare 1025r tractor does weigh about 400 - 500 lbs more though.

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These discussions regarding 1 series vs X7xx are frequent.

The common theme in them is people reinforcing their own purchasing decisions with the rationale being, "It must be better because I bought it". Often the author has no direct comparison due to not having owned both but that doesn't stop one from having opinions.

I have had a JD 2305, predecessor to the 1 series for 16 years and a X758 for 3 years.

My observations are:
1. Both are equally stable on hills and I have very steep hills.
2. It is delusional to think any 2 wheel drive is even close to being as capable as a 4WD. The JD 2305 is very capable with the snow blower, turf tires and no weights except the rim rear wheels as long as it is in 4WD. After I get down doing the driveway I often put back in 2WD to park and it will not back up a slight incline on pavement and it necessitates 4WD to put away.
3. The maneuverability of the JD2305 is not much different with the exception of the roll bar hitting tree branches as it doesn't fold.
4. The JD 2305 has a 2 speed transmission and pulls a heavily loaded 6x10' trailer on the hills easily, the X758 having only one speed and geared higher struggles.
5. The X758 mows much better. The JD 2305 with independent lift cannot be adjusted to mower higher than 2.75".
6. Many put loaders on the 1 series, personally I don't think it is a big enough machine.
7. I have 3 pt. attachments that when loaded would be pushing the capacity of the X758. (55 gallon sprayer and spreader).

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I just don't understand how everyone thinks the 1 series is "tippy" compared to the X7xx. IMHO they are about the same.

It is hard to estimate slope without actually going out with a level and yardstick. Perhaps these picture will help. This can be mowed up and down or horizontally. The 2305 easily handles this with a 55 gallon sprayer on the back too without issue and that is heavy and complicated by how far the CG is behind the 3 point arms. With the spreader it is not nearly as obvious.
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Everyone has their own pucker factor. The seat on the 1 series is a few inches higher up. I notice that the same slope feels steeper the higher up you are. I notice a difference between my X300, X534, and X749 on the exact same slope. I don't have a 1 series, but did sit on one at the dealer. My CUT's seat is even higher. I definitely notice the slope more and have to put in a correctional factor for pucker or I would have to stick to the driveway on my property.

If you look at the pics I posted the 2305 seat is not higher than the X758. I don't know if there is much difference between the 1 series and 2305? The former is quite a bit heavier and the weight is located low in the frame with the exception of the roll bar.
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$14,700 for X739 (no deck, bare tractor) 1044lbs $14/lb
$18,030 for 1025R (no deck, no loader) 1556lbs = $11.60/lb

So, yeah, I agree the 1025R is a better deal.
1023e is $15,149 and 1446lb for $10.50/lb, a slightly better deal.

There is a difference between the 2305 and the 1 series. The 1 series is almost as big as my CUT. It just doesn't have the extra ground clearance from the larger tires I have. That puts my CUT's up about 6 inches higher.

I don't think we really know enough about what the OP really needs. Where is the machine stored? How easy will it be to get to where it is if the driveway is full of snow and ice?

Ultimately many choices can work okay or better. Some would probably be bad ones. Waiting for Spring/Summer might be adequate for some.

According to Tractor Data the 2305 is real close in weight to the 1025:

John Deere 2305 Weight
Shipping1450 lbs
657 kg
Operating1865 lbs
845 kg

You are correct in we really don't know what the OP needs.

With a 350' driveway, an old truck with a plow would move snow the best. They get a lot of snow in Northern MN.
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