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Snow Removal

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I have a lake cabin in Minnesota that I am trying to figure out snow removal for. The drive way is long, about 350ft and is gravel. Over the 350 ft, it rises about 20 ft, so there is a bit of a grade there. It is also a narrow driveway, so a blade is not an option, I need a snow blower. I talked to my local John Deere dealer and have narrowed my choices down to two, the X739 with four wheel drive and the X584 with four wheel steering. The X739 is about $8500 more expensive but I get four wheel drive. Do you think it is worth it? Any advise is welcome!
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How straight or winding is the driveway? Are there winding sidewalks as well? Four wheel drive steers better if some of the snowblower weight is carried but it pushes the side of the blower into the cut. Four wheel steering might steer better as it brings the rear wheels around.
It is a straight driveway.
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The obvious solution is to have both. Then you can use whichever one best fits the job.
If only I had the budget for that!
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Well you asked for thoughts. Yes the 700 series tractors are great machines, particularly the awd. I would be more inclined to save money. I cannot for the life of me imagine needing the complications of 4 wheel steer for blowing a straight driveway, indeed any driveway. So that removes the need for a X585 as well.
My neighbor has a X595 4wd, forerunner of the 700 series. He takes the deck off and puts the blower on and chains or weights. Me X540, I uses chains and suitcase weights for a similar driveway. Neither of us have any issues in the last decade or so.
If it were me I would get a X590 which gives you EFI. Put chains and 4 suitcase weights on it, call it a day. With the savings perhaps invest in a nice cab for the machine.......not needed..... but up to you.

Good luck
Definitely like the cab idea. Don't necessarily need heat but getting out of the wind makes things much better.
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Anyone have any thoughts on the way the blower is powered between the X5xx and the X7xx? I think the X5xx is belt and the X7xx is PTO. Is this a deal breaker?
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