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Snow Removal

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I have a lake cabin in Minnesota that I am trying to figure out snow removal for. The drive way is long, about 350ft and is gravel. Over the 350 ft, it rises about 20 ft, so there is a bit of a grade there. It is also a narrow driveway, so a blade is not an option, I need a snow blower. I talked to my local John Deere dealer and have narrowed my choices down to two, the X739 with four wheel drive and the X584 with four wheel steering. The X739 is about $8500 more expensive but I get four wheel drive. Do you think it is worth it? Any advise is welcome!
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I have gathered some here with 800lb tractors can preform miracles. I need another three hundred pounds at the front axle then just maybe the front end will stay in place.
That would put me at about 2000 lbs total.
Even that may not be enough. Mainly because the more a stability the more snow I will try to plow.
But everything has it limits.
I find that 'carrying' the blade, as opposed to using float, makes a huge difference in the way it steers.
No add-on weights on mine.
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