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Snow Removal

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I have a lake cabin in Minnesota that I am trying to figure out snow removal for. The drive way is long, about 350ft and is gravel. Over the 350 ft, it rises about 20 ft, so there is a bit of a grade there. It is also a narrow driveway, so a blade is not an option, I need a snow blower. I talked to my local John Deere dealer and have narrowed my choices down to two, the X739 with four wheel drive and the X584 with four wheel steering. The X739 is about $8500 more expensive but I get four wheel drive. Do you think it is worth it? Any advise is welcome!
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I don't understand the infatuation with the 1025 on these forums, they are big, bulky, cumbersome and great at nothing. I would go with the X738/X739.
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Personally I have open yard to mow and many other things that I need a bigger tractor for. If I'm going to spend 20+K on a tractor it better do everything I need it to.
I bought a Duetz/Allis 5220 26hp diesel 4x4 with a FEL and backhoe for my business used for a great price, but i was looking to upgrade from my JD 332 before I found the Duetz for just things I needed done around the house. Yep it's bigger than a 1025 but still small enough to get around things and do the jobs I need to do.
The 1025 is a nice "oversized" garden tractor with lots of options you can add. It is a better "homeowner" option than the X7xx stuff if you are doing more than blowing snow or mowing.

If all you do is mow and blow snow then that's great for you to only need/want an X7xx series, others need more than the X7xx series can provide. Thus the 1025 for them.
I don't understand why people still buy and use gear drive mowers. BUT that is their choice for them not mine.
To each their own it's not for us to judge.
The responses are personal due to needs and experience with these tractors. It is all advice to help the person asking what to buy to help them. Nothing more.
Instead of bashing those that suggested the 1025 maybe you should give a good reason for the X7XX stuff............
The 1025 might work good on a big open piece of land. I have lots of trees, hills, fencing and other obstacles that would make a 1025 pretty much useless. A X7xx will turn a lot sharper, get in tighter spots, go under tree branches, less tippy on hills, mow better and not tear up the grass. The 1025 is no substitute for a garden tractor, they are way too cumbersome. No offense to any 1025 owners.
Snow "pushers" seem like such a massive waste of money and space. How did people ever get by before snow "pushers" back when they had to use a blade to "plow" snow without switching implements several times to finish 1 job? The good works tractor channel is one of the worst things that ever happened to tractors. How did all the suburban cowboys know what tractors and implements to buy before he came along? :ROFLMAO::rolleyes:
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