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Snow Removal

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I have a lake cabin in Minnesota that I am trying to figure out snow removal for. The drive way is long, about 350ft and is gravel. Over the 350 ft, it rises about 20 ft, so there is a bit of a grade there. It is also a narrow driveway, so a blade is not an option, I need a snow blower. I talked to my local John Deere dealer and have narrowed my choices down to two, the X739 with four wheel drive and the X584 with four wheel steering. The X739 is about $8500 more expensive but I get four wheel drive. Do you think it is worth it? Any advise is welcome!
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Bigger is better. 1025 is the trick. Add other accessories to it and you have an all year tractor.
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I don't understand the infatuation with the 1025 on these forums, they are big, bulky, cumbersome and great at nothing. I would go with the X738/X739.
Personally I have open yard to mow and many other things that I need a bigger tractor for. If I'm going to spend 20+K on a tractor it better do everything I need it to.
I bought a Duetz/Allis 5220 26hp diesel 4x4 with a FEL and backhoe for my business used for a great price, but i was looking to upgrade from my JD 332 before I found the Duetz for just things I needed done around the house. Yep it's bigger than a 1025 but still small enough to get around things and do the jobs I need to do.
The 1025 is a nice "oversized" garden tractor with lots of options you can add. It is a better "homeowner" option than the X7xx stuff if you are doing more than blowing snow or mowing.

If all you do is mow and blow snow then that's great for you to only need/want an X7xx series, others need more than the X7xx series can provide. Thus the 1025 for them.
I don't understand why people still buy and use gear drive mowers. BUT that is their choice for them not mine.
To each their own it's not for us to judge.
The responses are personal due to needs and experience with these tractors. It is all advice to help the person asking what to buy to help them. Nothing more.
Instead of bashing those that suggested the 1025 maybe you should give a good reason for the X7XX stuff............
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The obvious solution is to have both. Then you can use whichever one best fits the job.
NOW that's what I'm talking about right there! 😁
I want the garage!
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These discussions regarding 1 series vs X7xx are frequent.

The common theme in them is people reinforcing their own purchasing decisions with the rationale being, "It must be better because I bought it". Often the author has no direct comparison due to not having owned both but that doesn't stop one from having opinions.

I have had a JD 2305, predecessor to the 1 series for 16 years and a X758 for 3 years.

My observations are:
1. Both are equally stable on hills and I have very steep hills.
2. It is delusional to think any 2 wheel drive is even close to being as capable as a 4WD. The JD 2305 is very capable with the snow blower, turf tires and no weights except the rim rear wheels as long as it is in 4WD. After I get down doing the driveway I often put back in 2WD to park and it will not back up a slight incline on pavement and it necessitates 4WD to put away.
3. The maneuverability of the JD2305 is not much different with the exception of the roll bar hitting tree branches as it doesn't fold.
4. The JD 2305 has a 2 speed transmission and pulls a heavily loaded 6x10' trailer on the hills easily, the X758 having only one speed and geared higher struggles.
5. The X758 mows much better. The JD 2305 with independent lift cannot be adjusted to mower higher than 2.75".
6. Many put loaders on the 1 series, personally I don't think it is a big enough machine.
7. I have 3 pt. attachments that when loaded would be pushing the capacity of the X758. (55 gallon sprayer and spreader).

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That case is a bit smaller than my Duetz 5220, but not by much. I love having my 332 for mowing and blowing, and the Duetz for heavy duty stuff.
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I have about 300 feet of winding gravel driveway that goes up about 15’ in elevation. About 100 feet of flat gravel parking area that’s 36’ wide, and another 100 feet that goes downhill slightly to the storage/tool shed (5 acre property).

My little X330 with 44” snowblower, tire chains and 4 suitcase weights on the back works like a Champ! I could have bought a larger X500 series tractor (for twice the price) but I only need to get 4 years out of this one before we sell everything and retire. 300 hour/4/year warranty is perfect for me, I will likely only see 50 hours/year. (currently at 33 hours since May 22’) Edmonton, Alberta 🇨🇦

View from the range road at the highest elevation looking down towards the parking area (note green garbage bin)

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5 acre property with a bit over 3 acres of grass to cut in the Summer. 48” deck takes care of it in a bit over two hours.
If you can afford more tractor and think you need it, by all means open your wallet. But I think you can probably get away with way less tractor than many of the recommendations here.
Awesome property! Love that house! But with 5 acres I would have a bit bigger tractor. ;)
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The actual grass area isn’t anywhere near 5 acres (middle property below) Ton of thick wooded areas that don’t get maintained (other than our mountain bike trails).
I also have an old Ford 9N with a 6’ finishing mower on the 3 point hitch for the larger rear yard.
The X330 is mostly for around the trees at the front but sometimes I’ll do the whole yard… in about 2 hours.

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awesome. BUT I don't want to be up there. PA in the USA is as far north as I want to go.

DANG! the poor poster has to deal with we off the post antics. 🤣
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Snow mobile and forget the snow removal.
I hear that. Mine is in the shop (79 trailfire JD 440) BUT if I can get ahold of my neighbor I'll have a 99 SXR 600 Yamaha he is willing to sell me.
I have not experienced the stone throw with the blower feet at 2". I can remove the remaining snow with the plow or just leave it for the sun to take care of. If we don't get over 4" that's what happens any way. With no ordinance that says it has to be moved it's just as easy to drive over it. It usually last a few days and gone any was.
I have thrown stones in my one parking area. They fly! I just lift it up a bit off the ground less than 2"s .
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We got 2-3"s today but i didn't even fire up the tractor because it is so wet that the blower would have clogged up the whole time and my 300 with the plow is not running right now so...........
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