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Snow removal lighting.

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For the folks that want more light,what's wrong w/ buying the HF 800 watt gennie, mount it on the back of tractor? Mount a 300 watt quartz lite on the front and another on the back. If that wouldn't be enough lite, ya need to take those sunglasses off. Plus you'd have a little more weight on the rear tires.
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There isn't enough electricity to power the lights you mention on most lawn and garden tractors. Typically there is a 15 amp alternator (stator). 15 amps times 12 volts is about 180 watts to play with. Gotta subtract the watts used by any electrical PTO clutch if so equipped, and what is used in the ignition and what's left is available for lights.
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With the light scatter off of snow from street lights, yard lights, entry lights and even starlight or reflected light from low cloud cover, extra lighting for most tractors comes under the "I Want" list rather than the "I Need " list.

I Want to add a pair of driving lights that I bought 4 years ago to my ROPS. Maybe next year I'll get them installed. I haven't needed them for snow removal yet.
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Adding a stand alone generator as weight and extra power is not a bad idea (as long as you do not introduce any heat or exhaust gas issues) but probably only makes sense if you have additional uses through the year (ie remotely powering a tool away from the house, but any tool worth using would take more than 900w) or shed lighting...
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I think rather than using a 120 VAC genset, I'd make something like this:

The Lawnerator

Nice, self-contained source of 12VDC for a multitude of uses. That example has wheels but you could easily make up some brackets to mount it on the back of the tractor, like the platform for a weight keg or off of the 3-point or sleeve hitch if you have one of those.

There are tons of plans for similar units on the web.
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If I get Snow, here is my plan. Sorry :sorry1: couldn't resist :hide:
:ROF If you need them guides on the ends of that blade... you might consider a heated pavement system.:D It does look like a very sturdy and well made system though! Genuine Double Galosh Drive and an Armstrong lift, a good basic setup!:D
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