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snow plow

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I just purchased a 444 and with it came a mower deck and snow blade. The blade has to tubular pipes going to the hydro lift under the tractor. I have been told by castoff this is a 1971 case 444. Any info would be helpful. I am trying to keep this original as possible, thanks, Lloyd
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Go to and access illustrated parts lists, there is a listing of "out of production" blades and mounts. Do any of them resemble yours ?
I believe your `71 is prior to the snap fast mounting system that MOST of us here are familiar with.
As I have slowly come to understand it, the 1971 442's and 444's still had the old-style mounting brackets for the plows on the frame even though they were fitted with the brand new Snap-Fast attachment system on the front of the frame ends. That's a piece of information that came my way this past weekend while in a conversation with two other collectors.

So it is quite conceivable that your tractor has an H model Snap-Fast mower deck but also came with the older style G series utility blade that was used on some of the 100 series as well as the 69 and 70 442 and 444 models.
^ See, that`s why I said MOST. Learn somthing new everyday.
Thanks for the info
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