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Snow plow pics

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I need to teach him how to plow straight. He likes to plow in circles and push the snow towards the house.

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Gotta love a custom doing work! Nice pics :)
You're only a kid once, let him have a blast! Oh, yeah except when the old guys get in the seat then you can be a kid again!!!!
Ha ! I did get in the seat when he got cold. That steel seat is cold, I need a pad/cover or one of those orange heated seats.

Thanks Hugh
Thats about as much snow as we got up here too. Nice looking custom.
Hey he is having a blast and thats all that really matters :)
I can't plow in a straight line either. Looks like he's having fun!
Looks like someone was having fun!
Who got more seat time you,or your son?The heated seat sounds like a good ideal to me.
He got way more time then me. He pushed all the good stuff, I just got to clean-up the remains.:ROF
Looks like he was Having a blast!!! :fing32: we didn't get enough snow to start my tractor
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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