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Snow?????????(Moved post)

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Ok so here's the scoop,thought I was gonna get called in last night for snow removal.Went in at normal work time,started to snow. 1-3" expected well 6" is what we got ,snowy conditions all day right. So we have 3 Trucks with plows, 2 Freightliners and 2 Newholland skidsters. By 4 oclock skies clear.Head on home no O/T today fine by me.Want to get home and do some plowing right? Wrong........... a dusting.. Pics of dusting pretty sad.


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Sorry to hear about your dusting. I do like the old Chevys though.
No snow here either. Why the heck are your beautiful chevs sitting out side uncovered???
Just started snowing Here In Northern, IL for about a Hour so Far 4 to 8inchs expected Well My Deere will get some Use today:thThumbsU
When I went to work yesterday it was 66 degrees/ 3 pm. By 9 pm it had dropped to 30 and Snowing hard for about 3 hours or so. Maybe 1/2 inch stuck on the yards but hardly any on the streets. Just melted and formed ice on the streets. It is a wonder(sarcasim)21 right now. Suppose to be back in the 50's Saturday and Sunday.:trink40:
I was figuring ~3". We got 6". Naturally this was one of the few times we had to be in the "Big City". It was a nasty 24 mile drive both ways- ~40mph going in to town on fresh snow; ~30mph going home. AWD came in handy- it got us to where we wanted to be, but I/we should have taken the 4X4 truck. Now I have to fire up the tractor and plow out :D!
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