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snow cab

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is finally on ! after 2 days of work.
what a royal PITA. it didnt come with any corner posts or the pieces of metal to make it stick out at the feet, so i had to make my own from a few pictures i got from pulltilbroke. thanks man.
made everything out of galvanized conduit.
and without corner door hinges. this was the biggest problem for me.
just hanging the doors took me most of the day and they still arent 100%.
but it will keep blowing snow and the wind out of my face.
i really didnt know what i was in for before i bought it.

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Looks good, Glad I could help.

FWIW My doors aren't quite right either. I got to pick up the rear of em to get em to latch, the right side is real bad so we'll just keep that one latched and use the left door.

I didn't think the cab install was too bad but I also didn't have to fab any supports. Took me about 3 hours to install after I figure everything out, the door adjustment took the longest.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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