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snow cab

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is finally on ! after 2 days of work.
what a royal PITA. it didnt come with any corner posts or the pieces of metal to make it stick out at the feet, so i had to make my own from a few pictures i got from pulltilbroke. thanks man.
made everything out of galvanized conduit.
and without corner door hinges. this was the biggest problem for me.
just hanging the doors took me most of the day and they still arent 100%.
but it will keep blowing snow and the wind out of my face.
i really didnt know what i was in for before i bought it.

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Looks great! Working to finish the cab on my 6216, which has been fun / challenging and hope works great this winter for the first time. One question I would ask the designer of the blower and cab. "Why do you have to stick your hand out to turn the chute?" Have an extension made, and hope to finalize tonight. Most of my stuff fit ok, but did have to adjust the doors a bit. Did not have much use, and just sat off tractore most of the time I think. If I have time, and can figure out how, will post a photo of my extension. Open to any other thoughts on your home grown engineering.
Guess my short arms do not reach. I have extended the arm into the slit in the cab, and adjusted the angle to allow travel vertically. Have to see how this will work, as now the arm sits on top of the armstrong level. Had time last night to just dry fit a bit. But DO like the idea of the electric chute turner....


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