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Snow blower attachment for Honda 3813 on CraigsList

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I happened upon this on one of my regular searches ... I know how hard it can be to find attachments for older tractors sometimes, especially ones in good condition for cheap - and winter will be here before we know it too ... so here's the ad

I copied the ad and saved the photo so I could host it myself ... hoping this will be good reference info for members even if the ad disappears, which they so often do on CL (I wish more people would take the extra couple minutes to post CL ads this way) - this way at least people here can see how much it was selling for and what it looked like instead of just seeing a dead link with no other info

it's not my ad and I don't know the seller ... but if someone really wants this blower and lives far away, I may be able to pick it up and either hold onto it for you until you can come get it yourself or arrange for transport through the "Old Iron Transport Needed" system or something - happy to help out if I can

seems like it might be a good deal for $200 ... I know that if I had a 3813 without a blower I'd be interested ... I'd pay 3 times that much for a working OEM snow blower for my Kubota G5200H, even if it wasn't as pretty ... :Disgus:

is this a good price for this?

Snow Thrower - $200 (New London, Mn)

Date: 2009-07-28, 10:05AM CDT
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For Sale - Snow Thrower, used very little, mounts on Honda mower tractor model #HT3813. Asking $200.00. Call Mike at (320) 354-2177 or (320) 894-3344.
  • Location: New London, Mn
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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seems like a helluva price compared to what i've seen being asked for the blowers for the other honda models and that's the first one i've seen for the 3813 -

****, i'd be interested but for the fact that we don't see any snow here worth worrying about
Just fyi, this wont work on the 45xx models. From what i can tell. I was really hoping it could be made to work!! Let me know if I am wriong.

I'd be willing to bet you it will - only reason I'm confident, i fitted a 46" deck to my 3813 and all i had to do, besides use the 4518's hanging linkage, was to use the 4518's front tensioner pulleys, the ones at the front under the PTO clutch that change the belts direction of travel

they bolted up to the same exact tapped holes in the 3813's frame, as did the 4518's rear seat subframe - it bolted to the exact some holes the 3813's seat subframe bolted to and it placed it's lifting arms in the exact same spot as my 3813's were

i believe honda used the same frame thru the 4518 model, and possibly the 5518 - i'm not sure of the 5518 but i'll bet dollars to donuts on the 4518 - too many items interchange

if i'm correct, it'd simply be a matter of securing a set of 3813 pulleys and even that might not be necessary
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