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Hello everyone!

My name is Don, and I am a previous member of another tractor forum. I was around that forum for... years... without issue... and made friends with several members there. However, it's enough to just say... I left for the same reason that countless other members have left that forum... and I am glad that I am no longer in that negative atmosphere. I don't need that or those type of negative people in my life.

I have been building engines and tractors for years now! I have ...I forget how many... about 7 different tractors currently... but I've had quite a few more from SCAG to Craftsman. I also sport a modified EZ-GO golf cart that I have been working on for a while.

I am also in the process of 'resto-modding' a 1997 Ford Ranger... as well as continuing to modify it's big brother... a 1995 Ford Ranger resto-mod.

As I said, I enjoy building engines, have designed custom ignition systems for Tecumseh solid state engines, built 7-9 thousand RPM engines... and recently (about 5 days ago) rebuilt a Kohler K341, removing balance gears, new piston, new rings, new cam, new rod, and all new gaskets. You get my drift... I'm a complete NUT!!!

I have a ridiculous sense of humor... and try to be extremely open and friendly. I hope to be an asset to your forum!


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Hi Don, would love to see some pics of your stuff, welcome to MTF!
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