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Hello all,

I own several Snapper aluminum V21 self propelled 21" mowers with blown engines. I also have a collection of Honda GCV160 engines with the correct length straight crankshafts.

I'd like to repower the V21s with the GCV160s. Actually have one engine bolted to a deck with the muffler removed.

My question; is there an offset or high mount stock muffler that will bolt up to the 2 bolt Honda exhaust flange? It looks like a Honda GX 160 horizontal muffler could be reworked or even a B&S 5 HP horizontal guiet tone could be reworked.

I prefer the quiet Honda muffler sound if possible; maybe a Chinese clone go kart or mini bike muffler? Is there a U-build muffler site selling muffler kits?

I have (5) of these conversions to do; so I'm trying to keep it cheap. I want it to look stock so trying to avoid grinding the deck or crushing the muffler.

PS, once these are done I've got a Simplicity 75th Anniversary tractor to repower with a Honda GX 20 HP horizontal. Small Engine Warehouse won't sell the kit seperately (I own a nice Honda GX620 engine already).

Thank you in advance!
Karl in Massachusetts
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