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Snapper RER side discharge

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I just purchased a Snapper RER model 30083S. I bought it to restore, and give to my Dad for his 75th birthday. However, it has a 30'' side discharge deck. I want to make it a mulching mower. What is the best way to go about this? Replace the whole deck?
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from what the guys have said will need a ninja or gator blade ...then block off the discharge

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Like ute said. Snapper I think makes a cover for those. Then you just need the mulching blade. You could make one yourself pretty easily too. If you want it to mulch better you will want a 28" or 33" which were the HiVac models. They will do a better job mulching just by their design. You can throw a 28" deck on that one.

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Thanks. I just bought an old mower on EBay M281019 BE. It has a 28" Hi-Vac deck. Should fit, huh?
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