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Snapper RER loss of speed?

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my 1974 snapper has lost a lot of speed. In the 5th position it now goes about as fast as it used to in the 2nd position. I read somewhere to put a dab of oil on the drive wheel. I did that and it did not improve. My drive wheel is pretty chewed up. There is a posibility my motor is not reving as high as it used to as well.
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If your driven disk is chunked out you really should replace it. Also make sure that the plate that tells you what gear you are in didn't get knocked out of place. There are two blots that allow adjustment to make sure the shift lever is showing the correct location of the driven disk on the drive disk.

The above is not worded is correct snapper lingo, I hope it helps more than it confuses.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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