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i have been rehabing my snapper fleet in prep for leaf season. replacing axle bearings and replacing worn bearings inside the trans. many if not all of them have had the old bearings seize to the shaft. this makes changing them a challange some i have had to cut off with a cut off wheel. never seize is mandatory here! even just getting the wheels off on some has been a challange. use never seize on the wheels too. on another note i finally bought some of the newer snappers with the updated drive system and its vastly better than the old tried and true. gone is the idler pully from the engine belt . the new stretch belt lasts much longer than the old engine belt and more important-dosnt jump off ever. the new friction wheel while much slimmer than theold actually pulls much harder and dosnt wear as fast. after 2 seasons of comm duty-i am sold . i have 2 of these with the kawi fj180 with the ninja mulching decks. these preform top notch.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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